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Hasegawa RF-4 E, Norm 83 Camo, 1/48

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Here comes the first pics from my RF-4E but not a White Bird!! I will also use some aftermarket sets (see Photo). Decals are from Airdoc for the RF-4E in Norm83 camouflage .

I started with the two fuselage parts and painted the camerabay flat black and the sidewalls of the cockpit with Revell 57 grey.

I will use the aires nozzels  but a part of the fuselage has to be removed to make it fit for the longer Aires nozzles.



My Phantom will be the one you can see on the right side, with the german flag on the intakes.


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Great to see a Photo-Phantom with all that nice bells and whistles! That means: a lot of work!!! But in the end worth the effort, believe me.

Well, don't wait, you can't have enough Phantoms!

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33757158126_5281c0b8fa_z.jpg  33757153536_f62ebb3e22_z.jpg


Hello together,

here some new pics from my work last week. for the Cockpit i used the Eduard set FE259 for the RF-4E ,it revalues the cockpit already again specially. At the right picture you can see the cameras, there were

all spayed with gunze H305 and a little bit drybrushing with aluminium color. I dont use the sidewall from the kit (thank you tobi) its not correct for the German RF-4E. I use a part from a resin set. The cockpit

was sprayed with Revell 57 with some drops white.




The other things I will make are the Aires nozzles. The parts were spayed with modelmaster stainless steel (inside the tubes and afterburner ring) and magnesium for the endpart.

The nozzles outside were sprayed with Humbrol 27004 gunmetall and matt black inside. The metallcolors were polished with a cotton cloth  and cottonbud all parts were sealed with modellmaster sealer for metallic colors.


see you soon

Sabre Fan :wave:

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Great job so far on the RF! Yes, I agree with Kurt, the EDU PE is really a good choice for the IPs!

What SabreFan wanted to express: in the Hasegawa kit and also in the EDU instruction there is the right sidewall in the backseater cockpit for the navy version! Navy RFs have the refueling probe there, but NOT the RF-4E. RF-4E has it behind the cockpit in the spine. So the sidewalls in the rear pit are similar to the F-4C/E ...USAF Phantoms. So I sponsored a resin sidewall from a F-4E cockpit set to SabreFan.

OFC you have to delete the ingravings for the IRF porbe door on the fuselage, too.

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Here are some new pictures from the RF. The fuselage parts are quite well fitted with a little bit sanding at the splices. The fitting from the wings was also good. Then I removed the (navy-)bumps on topside of the wings and corrected the engravings there. In addition I cut out the outer landing flaps. The biggest work happened on the intakes: the fitting was not so good and needed little bit sanding and polishing. ( see the light-grey areas )



Here are some pictures from the pylons and  the intake ramp. The pylons were sanded flush and newly engraved. In the middle from the left picture: on top the orginal pylon, in the middle the engraved one and bottom the sanded pylon.

To the inside of the ramps I added  the 4 stripes (with plastic card).




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Great work so far!  don't feel "pushed"...but i can't wait to see some camo painting! i really like the look of the norm83 RF-4E. i plan to do one... one day...

what bothers me the most about Hasegawa USAF style inboard pylons is that they are too slim, not thick enough. nonetheless rescribing will greatly improve the kit parts! good job there.

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hello together, here some new pics from my RF it comes somewhat colorthe approach of th arrestor-hook I removed it looks better so.. the exhaust area received various shades from alclad and modellmaster and humbrol polished metall. in addition I have sanded the stabilizer and engraves new panellines and rivets.the positionlight   I cut and with a clear plastic part out replaced.. and the office was equipped with some copper wire and lead wire .


the  oxygen hose  is from guitar wire , and the stabis also painted with som alclad shades.The Droptanks are finsihed with some new  welding seams.



now it will be time for color to come!  :wave: see you soon!



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The metal area is great! Just needs a bit of  "dirt", maybe with Gunze smoke? Still a bit clean, i think.

Good idea to make the welding seams on the tanks! Was it easy? I guess you took streched plastic sprue and liquid cement?

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I painted the innside of the wheelbays white and the fold too. before the lacquer finish I marked the camouflage process with a pencil




here see to her the colors which I used with the solvent




i painted all freehand but suppl. smoothing is not so great unfortunately. the contrasts between the 2 greens are to small!!! :angry:

thus we will have to change that





now it looks better to me!! I darkened x110 a few to drops of x262, now the gloss lacquer then the decals




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The pictures are already 2 weeks old. However I had a few problems.  Now there are a few pictures of decals on it. Only over 250 pieces to apply!







Here also a few more pics. Some parts are nearly finished, like  the aires nozzels , Eduard Brassin wheels, ECM Pod from an italeri F-16 kit, FODs from Two Mikes.

Unfortunately I don't have the Chaffs. I already changed those to fit  and the Seats come from Pavla, with casted on belts, looking really good!.


that's all! Stay tuned!  :wave: 

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It becomes slow finished , for the cockpit i use the hypersonic HMR48016-1 for the Hasegawa kit. the cylindersI made myself however from Albion pipes see the pictures.











and the small parts finished, the RBF Tags are from Eduard  (prepainted the Larger) and the small RBF from daco with wire from  railway accessories  

The Placards are from the Eduard Placard set for the F4,The Tyres are from the Brassin serie The Mainweels  are however somewhat too small  the bolting devices are from lead foil and painted red.


nearly finished   Sabre Fan :wave:

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