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P-39. Mask for Eduard/Hasegawa work on Monogram?

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My daughter is building a Monogram P-39. Cuz there was a dog on the decal. I thought I'd get her a mask to make the canopy easier but the only one I can find is by EZMask and of course they do not take credit cards or Paypal cuz that would be to easy. Eduard and Montex masks I can get anywhere, but can those work?

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My guess is that likely will NOT fit the Monogram kit.  But, won't be too expensive if it doesn't.


Keep all informed of your findings.


Rolls carries EZ Mask.

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I've ordered from EZMasks by sending them a personal check.  I'm in California.


I just checked, and I have two of the P-39 mask sets.  I'll sell you one if you'd like.  Email (preferred) or PM me.

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Mention that I've got a set.
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3 minutes ago, ftauss said:

Yeah but I need them kinda now. My girl is building for a contest at the end of April and I just now thought of this. Roll models has them so we'll see.


You may have missed my edit.  I've got a spare set, and you can pay me electronically.  Bear in mind it will still take a few days for the mask to get to you.

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