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1:72 KP MiG-19S Farmer C East Germany

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The old KP Models kit of the MiG-19S Farmer C built in East German markings.


It's a basic kit, with a few little fit issues like the tail planes etc.


Overall colour is Tamiya XF-16 aluminium.


Decals are from the spares file as with many kp kits of this vintage, the decals are no longer usable.


Pitot boom and antenna are made from plastic rod.


Build Photos.


33609069892_8c778b2a5e_b.jpgMiG-19S-39 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr


33609057322_ee2ab2794d_b.jpgMiG-19S-40 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr


33609046162_d2cb04cf07_b.jpgMiG-19S-41 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr


32922607834_7cf1d4021f_b.jpgMiG-19S-42 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr


32922602294_258c01c0e8_b.jpgMiG-19S-43 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr

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I see some of these aircraft from that era and I reckon you must have had balls of steel to fly one of them. They look like they are nothing more than essentially a rocket engine with wings on them and you'd fly them with hopes and prayers (hope that the bloody things takes off and pray that you can land it safely)

Some of them really do have a Gerry Anderson look about them and this one does has a very 60's sci-fi look to it with the wings etc.

Quite the nifty subject and not something you see much of

Good work Ryan

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