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Afternoon ladies and gents,



New to the forum, so figured I'd start by posting one of my current projects. 


I run CNC waterjet for work, and in the middle of a long cut, I got to thinking about what I wanted to do for my next build. 

I decided on a diorama for HMLA-167, having a Whiskey model Cobra and a November model Huey on the flight line like they do for squadron pictures. 

So, I drew it up and cut my base plate out of 1/4" aluminum. 

debured all the rough edges from the cut, 

went to wal-mart and picked up some of that textured spray paint. I cant remember the name of it off the top of my head, but the boss lady picked it, and i'm glad she did. 

Let the couple of coats dry, then i had some old oil from the last time i did my truck. dipped some of it on an old rag, and went to town on the pl17634625_10158529982535788_721247442570417862737_10158529982895788_8690703306907 ate


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That looks great!  That UH-1 looks awesome too, got any more pictures of it?

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