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LF: 1/48 Hobbyboss F4F-3 (Late) Canopy and Windscreen

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As the title notes, I'm looking for the canopy and windscreen from the Hobbyboss F4F-3 (Late) Wildcat. I want to build my Wildcat as a Martlet III (an aircraft originally ordered by Greece, but taken on charge by the RN after that country fell to the Axis).

I'm looking for the windscreen without the hole as provided for the earlier F4F-3 using the telescopic site.

I know that I need the windscreen, but I've also seen references to the canopy as well being needed for this conversion. I don't know if they actually meant just the windscreen or the canopy as well.

If you'd like I'd be willing to swap my parts for yours. 

I will certainly pay postage, however I'd like to keep this transaction in the US to cut down on shipping costs.

Please eMail me at DDonSS3@aol.com or leave me a PM. I don't get to this part of the board often.

Thanks in advance, guys.


This is the kit I've got:



The bottom aircraft is the one I want to do:



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