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Cessna O-2A “Oscar Deuce” – 1:48 (Testors/Italeri)

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Hi all,

In late ‘60s USAF introduced twin-powered Cessna O-2A to replace single engine Cessna O-1 (my next project).

Testors/Italeri kit is acceptable but almost basic. It needed a lot of improvements that they absorbed me for 6 months and 293 hours of real work.

Cockpit with avionics rack and rear junction box is fully self-made (... except for cloches).

Continental IO-360 engine is coming by 2 sets of edited Lycoming taken from old Esci Cessna 172 kits to set up a 6 pistons propeller.

Firewall bulkhead, front gear bay and plates are made by styrene. Rivets and panels were rescribed for the whole aircraft.

Pilot is freely inspired by actor Danny Glover who played the role of Capt. Clark ‘Bird Dog’ in BAT21 movie.

The real aircraft is now preserved at National Museum of USAF, Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio.

Cheers, Alessandro

Rome, Italy























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You're right, the Testor's kit is basic.  It's so basic, it's almost hollow.  You've done a heck of a job with that old kit.  Very good. 

I remember catching a shuttle bus to the armory to meet up with some people who would turn over a prisoner I had to escort back to my base at Korat and we ended up behind a )-2 that was on its way  to the flight line to take off for a mission.  Very strange experience to be right behind him on a two lane road.  For some reason the decision was made to park his squadron a few blocks from the flight line, leaving them no choice but to do this.  We just happened to hit it at the right time and the local driver seemed to like to follow a bit too close.

But  as I said, you did a real good job, better than I could have done.

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Wow! That has got to be the best build of this kit I've ever seen. Your build is a true masterpiece! Thank you for sharing.

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21 minutes ago, KursadA said:

Very cool - I hope you found the Caracal O-2A sheet easy to use.


It was! Anyway the sheet is very thin, I suggest to use Microscale MicroSet instead the stronger Gunze Mr.Mark Softer!


9/10 rating, expecting unusual subjects in the future! (e.g. Piper J-3/L-4, Cessna T41, Bell OH-13 & AH-1G)



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