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Wolfpak WWII Release April. 2017

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Here is the April 2017 Release from Wolfpak Decals.

Sheet 72-106, Over Here

First up on this sheet is an A-25A or the AAF’s version of the SB2C Helldiver used as a target tug.  It’s followed by a P-38L of the 24th FS based in the Panama Canal Zone.  Something a little different is a C-53, or militarized DC-3 used by Northeast Airlines but still carrying national insignia.  The B-17D, “The Swoose”, as it appeared in 1943 while used as a transport is our third subject.  This one has a small panel of flags of the countries visited at this point in time.  The sheet’s final subject is a C-54 with options for a O.D. over Neutral Grey transport and options for 4 VIP aircraft.  The foremost being the use by both Presidents Roosevelt and Truman as Air Force One.  There are two options for this version one being the one used by Pres. Roosevelt on his trip to the Yalta Conference complete with bogus serial number applied to the tail for security.  The second option being the aircraft as it appeared when Pres. Truman used it complete with a rather large flag panel of the countries this aircraft visited.  The last two options are for the personal transports for Generals MacArthur and Eisenhower.

Sheet 72-107, Thunder Over Europe

We start off with Don Gentile’s P-47D named “Donnie Boy.”  The next subject is interesting in that it is a U.S. Navy night fighter used during the invasion of Southern France.  Don’t see many U.S. Navy subjects used in the Mediterranean during WWII.  An A-26B with bombardier nose used as a hack by the 305th Bomb Group follows.  Another unique U.S. Navy subject is a F6F-5 with 4 German kills also assigned to the carriers supporting the invasion of Southern France is next.  Our last subject is the commander’s aircraft of the 324th BS, 91st Bomb Group.  This aircraft is a Pathfinder equipped with the H2X radome in lieu of the ball turret.  Note that it retains the tail code letter of its previous assignment with the 381st Bomb Group.

Sheets are $17.00 each and will be on sale the first part of next week. 


Wolfpak Decals




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