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Scratchaviation or Scrataeronautics

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I believe he does this as a sideline hobby, he  apparently is in the military (or something) and is away from home for extended periods. I have placed a (pre-paid) order for his future release of a 1/72 ATR kit in resin, when I placed the order he informed me he wouldn't be in contact for the first part of 2019 as he was being deployed somewhere. If he was fooling me, shame on him, I prefer to believe he'll come through with the goods as he did on the previous order...your mileage may vary.

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They are packing up apparently. It is a sideline for the group and they operate with the very best intentions I believe but the comms are very sporadic if at all and this does tend to spook us as buyers of pricey goods which (with SA) tend to have long wait times. I'm still waiting for three kits ordered earlier in the year and I'm as spooked as anyone over the large sum in limbo .  I'm still hoping for a good outcome though and I am heartened by the one kit which I had last year, the exquisite 1/48 Supermarine Scimitar. 'Patience is a virtue', so it is said. 'All good things come to  those who wait', is another saying. I'm hoping so anyway.

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