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mayday mayday mayday repro and restoration of old decals

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hi everybody.

this time i'm almost desperate.

after being very lucky with another microscale unavailable set, now it seems that

dame fortune turned her back and chances to find the right 60th f.i.s. 1/72 revell voodoo decals have run out.

but i have the original, moistured and yellowed revell declas set.

aside from finding someone disposed to part with a microscale 72-307 set, i counted on a friend who works on decals, but he is too busy to find time to do mine.

THENCE I AM ASKING: is there anyone who is able to RESTORE AND PRINT A DECAL SHEET? i can send a 600 ppi scan as i used to do with that friend. (a higher resolution proved to be not necessary, and would be too heavy to e-mail, but if you have preferences, just let me know. we can arrange otherwise.

obviously i don't pretend that it be done for free...

you find herebelow a sample of the decal sheet.

please heed my s.o.s.

thanks in advance, bobo.

decals voodoo .m resize.jpg

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I can send you those decals, but one of the #42 ones is missing, and #28 is damaged. You might be able to fix that with some paint or a piece of red decal from another sheet. The stencils bit is also missing, since I have used those, but I guess you could get those from the kit that you have? Otherwise the sheet is in good condition.

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hello pete!

it's a destiny: you are going to become my savior angel...

though, i'm a little perplexed: no, pete, the stencils are as you can see yellowed as everything in the sheet i have.

and truely, i'm not that happy with having to mess around to restore precisely the left side tail lightnings, i mean on the very side from which i usually display my models...


actually i have another sheet who harry (sten8) sent me but it's from the second issue of the decals, much poorer in stencils and in graphics...nonetheless,...lemme see, i could take the left side lightnings from harry's sheet...

and mark tutton from starfighter decals, in exchange for his impossibility to remake my sheet, sold me a rather nice and richly stencilled microscale 72-306...hummm...i believe that such a patchwork could...work.

...but no: i checked and the harry's tail no. is 70 364 while ours is 70 375..but...i can, with a little realism distortion, place both your lightnings with the same tail no....

yes, pete, it's a go! please send me the remnants of your decals and i will make everithing mix up and fit.


don't you have intention to  build an f-86d in 1/72? i could reciprocate with a brand new (missing just a couple of minor stencils i used for the mk vii of the f-84f) microscale yellow/black and red/black stripes on the tail etc. can send you a a scan.

or anything else i could trade to be quits.

again, i don't know how to thank you, pete.

i repeat my address, so you won't have to search it around:

marino -bobo- romeo

via bellavista, 8

21021 angera (va)


yours, bobo.



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