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F-14 Decal experts needed; what sheets for this VF-101 jet?

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Hi all,


for those in the know, I want to model this jet (at least I think this is how it looked):



F-14A-135-GR Tomcat, BuNo 162594, c/n 516, coded AD 136, of VF-101. I'm not sure this is actually 162594 but willing to fudge it.


There is another pic here with a different modex; (Dated 4 Dec 2000)


This is the jet that crashed in the Gulf of Mexico on mission out of NAS Key West, Florida on 3 Oct 2002. On 5 May 2006, one of this Tomcat's tailfins washed up on a beach W of Cork, Ireland, having floated 4,900 miles (7,900 km.) across the Atlantic. There is a photo of the fin but the lower half is covered in sand, so I can't see if the "AD" is on the outer (as second link above) or the inner rudder (as per first).



Need help in narrowing down which set of decals (or sets even!) I need to do this, in both 1/72 and 1/48.


 Also the scheme, presume it's standard (weathered) TPS?




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Fightertown Decals 48-020 has a low vis VF-101 scheme for 162697 in 1998. It is a low vis scheme of 36440 with 36081 markings and trim.  The "Grim Reapers" script on the wing glove area rather than the tail of the bird you want to build.  You could probably stick it on the tail without it looking too weird.  





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The only way to get that tail in the top picture that I know of is to use the Fightertown 1/72 sheet reaper on a 1/48 tail. And even that won't be exactly perfect. I haven't seen anyone make that specific size reaper in decals yet. I'd have to see a picture of the tail the washed up to give a better suggestion. You'd still use 1/48 markings for the rest of it. The GRIM REAPERS script is the same size moved from the wing glove to the tail. 


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Hi Brian P;

Do you mean 72 decal on 48 kit? I don't quite get how the opposite will work.

 A photo of washed up tail is in the 3rd link above.. 



or here;


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8 hours ago, Brian P: Fightertown Decals said:

Fightertown Decals VF-101 48074 is in stock and shipping from the website and most distributors. 




What's your website address?  I can only find the page with only a few new sheets for sale. 



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