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Werner's Wings 48-12 and 35-14 UH-60/ AH-64 Skis

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Werner's Wings is pleased to announce the release of two new sets, 48-12 and 35-14, UH-60/ AH-64 Skis.


48-12 is $30 USD.

35-14 is $35 USD.


The parts are based off of the Landes Airglas skis used by the military. 

You get parts for two main gear and one tail gear.  The set includes two main skis, one tail ski, all three wheels with mounts and the shock absorbers with adapters.  You will have to supply the axle to go through the skis and the kit wheel. 

Also provided are decals for the Jolly Green Giant footprint on the bottom, including the six toes on the one foot. 

The skis were designed by Pete Hamann in CAD to fit the Academy UH-60 series of aircraft and will fit any 1/35th scale UH-60 or AH-64 kit.  The decals were done by Mason Doupnik and printed by BOA Agency.











Edited by Floyd S. Werner, Jr.
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10 hours ago, HeavyArty said:

The skis look awesome.  I can't wait to get a set to go with the Alaska Air Guard decals off your MH/HH-60G set to make an Arctic Pedro.  

Why not in 1/72nd also I would buy at least four sets

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44 minutes ago, Jolouis said:

Why not in 1/72nd also I would buy at least four sets

Two reasons- First the tolerances would not allow it to be cast.


Second and most important to me as a manufacturer- 1/72nd scale does not sell.  The decals sell okay at best.  Resin doesn't sell for me.  1/72nd scale modelers say they will buy it but when it comes down to putting out the money the sales are there to support it.  The Eastern Europeans can do it at a reduced cost that I can't touch. With that said, check out the Armycast AH-64 JSDF set that they have it has the skis in it.


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That is really awesome! Especially that jap. Apache with its striking camo! And skies...that makes him really exotic! Seems I must have that set one day...

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I received my ski set today . First off, those babies are BIG ! Nice detail. full  and clear instructions and some nice photos as well. Floyd also kicks in a Jolly Green Foot print decal too .  I'm pretty pumped and this looks like the perfect post wedding project . 


Great item from Werner's Wings! 

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