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Mark 38 Heavy Lifting Suit ("Igor") from Iron Man 3

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Hi everyone (again). Since I'm new here, I thought I'd inflict one of the Dragon Iron Man suit kits I built on you all! This is my take on Dragon’s 1/9 scale Mark 38 heavy lifting suit from Iron Man 3. This is the kit, not the pre-paint.  It appears in the final battle where Stark orders Jarvis to use it to stabilize a large structure. 

The kit was quite well-engineered, though there were a couple of nasty seams to fill and sand on the upper legs and arms.  With these kits, I definitely recommend building and painting in sections. The decals were excellent, by the way.

The kit was painted in Vallejo acrylics. The base colour was French blue, but I lightened it with some sky blue and silver paint. I also airbrushed lighter versions of the colour to give some tonal variation.  In the film, the armour appeared to be quite heavily weathered, so I used a lot of washes, dry-brushing, and Tamiya pastels to make the suit look pretty beat up. The white stripes were painted and made to appear weathered using the “salt method.” Maybe Stark used it work on the sub-basement in his house, though how he would actually fit in the suit is a bit sketchy. Maybe it was just meant for remote use. 

Dragon did not supply a base, so I used the one from my 1/9 Hulk Dragon kit. The LEDs and switch, as well as a battery harness, were purchased from modeltrainsoftware.com. The lighting is powered by a 3 volt CR2032 battery. 

All in all, it was a fun build, and it was a great addition to my collection of Dragon Iron Man models. 

Comments are welcome! 














Comparison with 1/9 scale War Machine from Dragon

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I have no idea on how I missed this but that is awesome! Great weathering too - nice and subtle. The war machine also looks the part! I'd be happy to have those 2 in my collection. The lighting is a nice touch too. All round an excellent job on both counts

i look forward to seeing more of your work


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Thanks so much for posting. I did not see this movie so did not realize that a kit of that suit was available. After seeing yours now I want it. Such a great pose.


So I went to ebay and found out that there are two versions of this suit, one already painted and another the kit. I prefer doing stuff myself so I looked at the kit. Quite a range in price but it looks like I found one. Still up there but since it appears to be OOP  I better get it.



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Sorry I missed this too. GREAT job! Love me some Iron Man. I've eyed the Dragon kits from time to time but just wasn't sure about them. Have you built any of the Moebius Iron Mans (Iron Men, Mens?...heck with it, models)? If so, how do they compare build wise? Are they more like Bandai figures in that they are really just very well designed disassembled action figures, or are they more traditional models? Either way, yours looks awesome.




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Thanks Bill. For Iron Man 3, Dragon did kits and pre-paints. The kits are quite good. I haven't built the Moebius kits, but I own them, and in my opinion, the Dragon kits are better! That said, the Moebius Mark VI is  better than the earlier kits.

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