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Shuttle Craft , old school

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Found this old girl at an antique store. Nice 1973 molding. But with the 25th !!!! anniversary stickers from back in 1991!


As another Shuttle was done recently for this GB and done up REAL nice with lots of extras, I am just going for the most part out of the box. I might add a couple little things like braces under the fuselage but not a great interior like the other one here.



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So unlike the other Shuttle Craft in this GB, I am going basic. The other one is top notch by the way.




As the inside will never be seen. Basic paint and just the clear thingie in the centre of the dash board.

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Main body together. Large seam puttied up. Really, OOB this thing can be built in less then a day. Think the last time I did this kit would have been around 1978 or 1979. I am SURE that one was done in a day. Also brush painted.


Going to go out and get some paint while the putty dries. Might paint it this afternoon. We will see.



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How come none of the antique stores in my area ever have any kits??

Out of the box is the best way to build this kit.  I feel like I wasted a lot of time on the interior of mine, even with the lights you can't see any of it.  Just in case your decals are as bad as what came in my kit here is a link to JT Graphics replacement decals (scroll down about half the page). 




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Thanks Els!! I might be needing those. Tomorrow! This kit was built in under a day! Way under as it was a rather busy day!




Then one coat of my special Enterprise colour but with more white.



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Well, the shuttle sure does not take long OOB. However, the stern was just lacking in believable detail. I took some artistic licence and made a gear bay for the rear strut.







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