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Classic Matchbox box art - Just add Sunset!

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Okay, it’s almost summer, but not quite, and the weather where I am has turned cruddy. It’s a grey, windy, “Blech” day on the “meh” side of staying in bed all day. So, to get everybody pumped back up, I decided to dig out my own sunshine, in the form of some old Matchbox “Sunset Stripe” box art.


I love Matchbox kits, and the addition of the oh-so-80’s street van-esque “sunset stripe” to the boxes only makes these kits better. It’s like they’re trying to be something they’re not, but in the end, it just makes them cooler as relics of a long-gone age. 


Check out all  the pictures of my stripers at the link below;  I hope they photos bring a smile to your face and some warm memories to  your mind. If nothing else, they’ll give you a bit of sun on a cloudy day!





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