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Cockpit Detail Set for A-5C Fantan

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I am planning to build a 1/48 A-5C Fantan but you all might know that AA Models(Sinomodel) is the only 1/48 available(or not, for that matter) with a very crude cockpit, seat and IP. 


In your opinion, which version of MiG-19 cockpit detail set should I use?  There are some available by Neomega. 


Please advise. Thank you.

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Hello gents,


I would appreciate your suggestions regarding this topic. 


Pavla has a MiG-19 cockpit set. Neomega does too. I am not sure which one to choose. 


I tried to find some cockpit shots of the A-5C Fantan but not much luck. Any idea?


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I bought a SBS Models for the AA kit I have in the stash. It looked about right compared to the few photos I found online and info on the plane is so rare, who's going to call you out if it's wrong? I haven't tried building it yet. I also read the Pakistan put in a Martin Baker ejection seat. I'd have to dig though my references at home to figure out which version.





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Depending upon which air force you are modeling for. I know that Pakistan Air Force operated A-5 for a period of time and they had Martin Baker ejection seats. Dont know which versions. 

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