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1/48th Scale F-35 RAM Panel Decals

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New from Wolfpak Decals RAM panel decals for the KittyHawk F-35A and F-35B.  They will be available on my website in about a week and cost $8.50 each



Wolfpak Decals








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I just received a set of those decals for F-35B. And I need to offer a word of caution for everyone interested in them: You will need to paint your F-35 in a VERY DARK grey to make those RAM panels look good :(  They are printed WAY too dark...


Take a look:




They are supposed to be lighter than the main camouflage color, not so much darker...


The color on the bottom of the picture is the original official FS595c color chip for FS 36170:





I think I will use the decals only as a template to create masks...


Decals color is supposed to "approximate FS 36231" accordng to instructions. I don't think so...




And this is what contrast between FS 36231 (left) and FS 36170 (right) should look like, in case anyone's interested:





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