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Scratch building seat belts

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Hi all,


When I build a model, I more often than not use an AM ejection seat and always get ones with pre-molded seat belts if they're available. On those occasions when I can't, I curse the day I started modeling as I have to deal with PE belts. I can never get these to look right. They just seem too flat or 2 dimensional. I've seen others work wonders with these PE belts by curving them etc and making them pop a bit. I try this and always manage to either (i) scratch or peel the paint off and/or (ii) misplace them and smear glue all over my seat. What am I doing wrong? Or is it a matter of more practice?


The other thing I'd like to try is scratch building them. How do ou guys do this? I've seen other modelers using Tamiya tape. How do you make buckles? Any help would be appreciated.

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I use lead foil. I've still got a stash of it from when real lead was used on wine bottles. I'm a 1/72 guy so I don't worry about every little buckle and keeper and just do an impressionistic seat belt. The lead foil has some thickness and it's soft enough to pose and drape. For buckles I just cut a small square of the foil and maybe shape the corners a little and glue it on or under the end of the belt to give it some relief. I'll make the adjuster buckles with a little piece of wire bent into a square "U" shape just wider than the belt. I tap it with a hammer to make it flat and then glue it over the belt so it looks like a closed buckle with the belt going through it. If you work in larger than 1/72 it might be too hokey looking, but in the One, True Scale, it works fine.

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