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Does anyone know of a GPU-2 gun pod in either 1/48 or 1/32?  With nearly every Marine AH-1 available in 1/48, a big Bronco in 1/32 and soon to be another in 1/48, I wonder why this pod hasn't been produced?  I'll have to check dimensions, but I wonder if I could make one out of a SUU-23.  Any help would be appreciated, thanks!








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I don't believe I've seen OV-10s use that pod other than that China Lake trial that those photos were taken. 


USMC and USN OV-10 carried the single barreled 20mm (called "GPU-2" by VAL-4 records). This is a completely different gun than the GPU-2/A you're referring to.


Here are some examples of the single barrel pod in SEA on both USMC and VAL-4 OV-10s....





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