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Sir Roger Moore Passed Away

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RIP, Sir Roger Moore.


As 007 James Bond for me Roger Moore best exemplifies Bond as his era was the era of my first in movie theatre experience of James Bond. I saw The Spy Who Loved Me as my first in movie theatre Bond movie as a kid and loved the movie and have the best memories of it. It made me a fan of James Bond movies, including the other actors in the roll of Bond (except for a few Bond movies I felt for me they were well just not right).


Each actor though who played the role of 007 James Bond brought/bring their own style and ideals. I do not have much against any of them, but Sir Roger Moore brought colour, humor and a flair to the 007 James Bond character and that for me made Bond fun as well as a cool good guy fighting for our western values. For that Sir Roger Moore’s, Bond will always be my favourite.


Theme from The Spy Who Loved Me.





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1 hour ago, tosouthern66 said:

There have only been two 007 actors that did a great job at being 007. Roger Moore was one of them.


RIP Mr. Moore

I would respectfully say three...Connery, Moore, and Daniel Craig.

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