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1/72 Hobby Boss Mi 8/17's, options for weapons pods/wings?

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So the RoG kit is just the Zvezda kit reboxed... I'm not falling for THAT again.., again.


Even having built an armed Mi-8 out of the Zvezda boxing, I am still interested in revisiting the subject.

Looking around the internets, it seems neither of the Hobby Boss Mi8/17 kits come with weapons stub wings and weapons. 


Other than buying ANOTHER Zvezda kit and robbing the wings/weapons from there, are there other options to make an armed -8 or -17 out there?

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DreamModel DM0301 did a set for rockets and Ciro has a few weapon sets to name a few. IIRC you could also get a newer Zvezda Hind kits as twofer, a hind and weapons stash.

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I feel your pain, Mike!


I too bought the Hobby Boss kit because I think it is the better one detail-wise for my Nicaraguan bird.  I had to ask around for the pylons and struts from the KP kit and will use a combination of Dragon weapons and left-overs from my Zvezda Mi-24.  Since the Dragon sets are hard to come by, you may have to get the Zvezda Mi-24 (a VERY nice kit) for the extra weps, if you don't already have one, like Tank said.





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Thanks Wardog and Tank, that's what I thought.

You saved me from throwing one into the cart in the latest greatest Squadron sale.  

I've got plenty of the old DML weapons sets and gave up on looking for/paying for the KP kit.

Guess I'll have to keep an eye out for the #$%@#% POS Zvezda kit at local shows and evil-bay if I really HAVE to do another one. 



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There is also a Hobbyboss Mil 24 kit: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/101361-hobby-boss-87220-mil-mi-24v-hind-e that is not bad, not Zvezda quality but probably 2nd best 72 kit. The reason I bring it up is that if you found it for a good price it basically has far more things to hang off the pylons than you could ever use on the kit itself, a sort of Russian weapons set that would give you a decent Mil 24 plus lots of spare weapons/fuel tanks to use elsewhere....


P.S. At least the Revell kit is now the Zvezda kit (2nd to the Hobbyboss) and not the KP kit they used to rebox....

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