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Some F-4 Phantom kits & packages + a few others for sale...

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Prices do not include shipping. I can take Paypal or money order or cash at your own risk. My e-mail is kbtaylor1204(at)comcast(DOT)net


Hasegawa FGR Mk.2 package - $65
--Aires 4361 Exhaust nozzles
--Aires 4288 Cockpit set
--Aires 4415 Wheels & paint masks
--Eduard 49 262 Color P.E. set

Academy F-4C/D package - $85
--Academy ROKAF F-4D kit missing kit decals
--Wolfpack WP48192 F-4B/C/D exhaust nozzle set
--Wolfpack WP48173 F-4B/C/D Martin Baker MK.H5 seats
--Aires 4688 F-4C/D wheel bays with covers

--Eduard Brassin 648 142 F-4C wheels

--Eduard 49672 F-4C Color P.E. interior

--Quickboost 48 720 F-4 arresting hook

--Hypersonic Models a/c intakes

--DEF Models DS48006 F-4 FOD covers set

--Furball 48-032 Gray Phantoms - Early F-4Cs in Vietnam

--Furball 48-041 F-4 Canopy seals

--Furball FWT 48-001 Transparent blue windscreen tint

Zoukei Mura SWS F-4J package - $85 PENDING
--Eduard Brassin exhaust nozzels
--Eduard Brassin wheels
--Legend productions Martin Baker Mk.H7 seats

Zoukei Mura SWS F-4S package - $80 PENDING
--Furball FPE-003 P.E. set
--MAW Decals 48-006 VMFA-232 & 333
--Legend productions Martin Baker Mk.H7 seats


Zoukei Mura SWS F-4C - $65 PENDING

Furball 48-046 F-4 Walkway decals - $4
Kits-World KW148118 F-4B/C/D Phantom Stenciling for Gray/White scheme - $10
Eduard D48024 F-4C Stencils - $10
Warbird Decals 48-037 F-4C/D Stencils - $10
Zoukei Mura SWS48-04-D01 F-4J (UK) Decals - $15
Icarus 48005 F/RF-4E Stencil Data White - $15
IsraDecal IAF-38 RF-4 Phantom Stencils for camouflaged schemes - $15

Revell Breguet Atlantic - $30
Revell Breguet Atlantic Anniversay - $35
Eduard L-39C Weekend Ed. - $20

Prefer to sell but if you have any of the following you'd like to let go.... looking for these WNW kits at this time...
Hansa Brandenburg W.29
Re.8 Harry Tate
Felixstowe / Hansa Brandenburg W.29 Duellist
Fokker E.III / DH.2 Duellist
Camel / LVG Duellist

Thanks for looking,

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