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Sword 1/72 F2H-2 Banshee - VF-11 Red Rippers

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The Sword 1/72 F2H-2 Banshee - to be used as reference for a oil on canvas painting.


I've always wanted to paint a Korean era Banshee, and so this is the first step - the 1/72 Sword F2H-2 kit in the markings of Vf-11 Red Rippers. It is too windy here for outdoor shots so these will suffice for the moment.












Not perfect, but not to bad, given it's the first model I've finished to any standard for some several years




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Cheers for the confirmation @picknpluck.


The kit was not as bad as I was expecting, and actually I thought it pretty good, but do bare in mind I made this as reference for a painting, and not to be entered in competition.


The cockpit has issues, with the PE not fitting well within the plastic tub, but it matters little as it can't be seen with the canopy on. The instructions are a little vague in places, and the guide for the smaller decal placement is not very helpful at all. 


In summary you just need to accept that it is a limited edition kit with the challenges that brings, but the end result is worth it. I might try and do another in landing configuration, and that will be a challenge, but I do like the way the completed kit looks



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