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Filling engraved panel lines question.

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Hey all,

            Quick question.  I have a model that must have had the panel lines done with a backhoe.  Very simple kits with few engraved panel lines.  I want to fill these panel lines in and then rescribe, so what would be the best thing to use to fill these lines in?  I'm thinking Super glue, sand and then rescribe or would thin plastic rod and liquid glue be better?  Melts the plastic, bonds all together, sand and rescribe.  Thanks for any tip.



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Hi Dave.

I prefer to fill the lines with regual modeling putty or melted sprue.

Since I work mainly in 1/72nd, I prime the model with a first coat of gray primer, and a second of white. Or vice versa if the final finish will be dark.

Then I start scribing. Soon you'll see the underlaying color: stop there.

In the pic you see a wooden master, so no melted sprue, but only putty and the two coats of primer.




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On 6/16/2017 at 0:56 PM, Paul Budzik said:

I fill with cyanoacrylate, prime, and paint.  I scribe into the paint



I've never had much luck scribing into plastic, but layered paint looks interesting. 

I've been wanting to try your technique. I've watched all your videos and they are very helpful/inspiring!! 

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Since you're re-scribing I'd go with CA glue, if I just have to fill sometimes I'll use putty.  The only problem is its brittle nature and its very tricky to re-scribe with putty.  There's also milliput, you can re-scribe as it dries to make it easier.

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