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Air Force Special Forces Humvee

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Hey guys, I'm feeling a bit like a fish out of water here as I don't do much armor. I was hoping someone here could help me out. I'm working on converting the new Meng 1/24 scale Hummer into a special forces hummer used by the Air Force JTAC teams in Afghanistan. I found some pics online of this vehicle I just felt it's not only really cool, it lends itself to this conversion very well. Does anybody have any more information on the vehicle and perhaps even better, some close up shots of some of the equipment it's outfitted with. I would love to get y'alls input on this. Here are a few pics I found of the vehicle in question. Pretty bad-@$$ looking to me.


One thing I did notice (too late) is that this Humvee has the second fuel tank like the civilian H1. I removed the back filler cap because I was under the impression that none of the military Humvee's had a second tank. Well apparently I was wrong as this one clearly has the rear fill cap. Oh well, guess I'll have to rebuild it.








Here are a few shots of my progress so far. Just starting to try to figure out what's what and basic shapes.








Thanks in advance!



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thanks for the pic willc453. The one I'm modeling has a similar rack with the exception that it's mounted upside down and hangs lower on the chassis, just below where the tail gate would be if there was a tailgate mounted. Here is a link to the version I'm building. I think it's the same rack mounted upside down.






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If you're interested, how about a Humvee with a motorcycle rack? Oops, to many bits or what ever to post . After your reply, used Humvee with gas rack as my search and came up with these photos and some others. Hope it helps.

humvee with gas rack--1.jpg

humvee with gas rack--5.jpg

humvee with gas rack--2.jpg

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Here is a shot of the turret I drew up and 3D printed. I still have to add the M2 gun mount but it's coming along I thihk. 


Thanks again Will. I found the companies website that sells the same rack as on the back of mine, it's just mounted upside-down and looks like they removed the lip. 



turret LQ.jpg

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