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hi everybody.

i am building the vf 176 buzz 409 lt. patton's skyraider bird.

the kit is an hasegawa 1/72 combo of which i have already built a korean war able dog.

patton's mount is not included in the options, and i have aftermarket decals for it.

the instructions call for a silver/aluminum stripe on the wing's leading edge, but as for that it is indicated the removal of the outer 20 mm. gun for the  period, albeit it is evident in every picture that patton had the original four 20 mike mikes.

though, from the patton's pics i can't tell wether the "silver" stripe on the leading edge is present or not.

may anyone advise?

thanks, and have a great building!

ciao. bobo.

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thanks don.

i actually got pics of the patton's ship with four guns. here, there's no doubt.

the point is that in the same (few) photos i can't make it out wether the l.e. stripes are present or not.

i have found many pictures of restored planes, but you know how it is, for accurate they may try to be, restored planes are not always a reference.

also very credited modelers have published their excellent works, but it goes as for restoration: some are focused on certain details, some other on different ones...

thanks anyway, and enjoy your modeling!

ciao. bobo.

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dear GW. thanks a lot.

i have seen quite a lot of pics of the period, but none from 409 where one could state the coragard was definitely present.

your first link takes to a buzz no 402 vintage photo where its application is evident.

consequently, we must deduce that a/c 409 from the same va 176 had this paint too. right?

well, one more masking job on my able dog. ok...one more, one less...it's all too many...

...but with hi viz navy birds it's always like that. and fortunately so! i find today's lo viz color schemes so sad...

i will resort to some zen practice...

again, thank you very much...sometimes you can miss the one picture among the hundreds.

have a great day, and happy modeling.

ciao. bobo.


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