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Antenna wires on AVG P-40's

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Hoping to have all my ducks in a row in preparing for my AVG build-up I noticed during my research that photos indicate that there was no standard in antenna wire arrangements.  Over the years I have read that inflight radio communication was a constant problem during the first couple of years during WWII.  Navy and Marine Corps F4U Corsairs come to mind and so various radio systems were experimented with.


 In the artwork produced by Thomas A. Tullis in the excellent EagleFiles #4 Tigers Over China:  The Aircraft of the A.V.G. all of the drawings/artwork indicate that antenna wires ran from the tail to both wing tips and also to the upper fuselage midway between the cockpit and the tail. 


While it is often difficult to tell from b&w photos, it appears that this arrangement was not found on all AVG P-40's.  I would enjoy reading opinions on the subject that might clarify the issue before I add finishing touches on my model.  

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