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MiG I-320 - 1/72 scale kit from Modelsvit

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Designed to fulfil a Soviet AF requrement for an all-weather/night fighter, the MiG I320 employed two Klimov VK-1 centrifugal turbojets mounted in tandem - the front engine exhausting under the centre fuselage, the rear engine with a conventional tail exhaust.


The two crew were seated side-by-side under a clear canopy and the third prototype was fitted with a 'Korshun' (Kite) radar in a thimble radome above the front intake.


Making its first flight in 1949, the MiG I-320 had a rival in the similarly laid out Lavochkin La-200 (tandem VK-1 engines, Korshun radar, side-by-side seating, 3 x 37mm cannon) and the Sukhoi Su-15 (tandem RD-45 engines, Toryii radar, single seat, 2 x 37mm cannon)


None of the three rivals made it to production - the night fighter requirement was finally met by the later Yak-25.


Modelsvit have now produced a kit of the MiG I-320 in 1/72 scale - and what a cracker it is, with fine engraved detail, well moulded parts, self-adhesive masks for the canopy, wheel hubs, gun blast area and the small aerials on the fin.


Construction was fairly straight forward - see my WIF here.


This is certainly their best kit yet in terms of finesse - it even incorporates part numbers on the sprues for the first time...:thumbsup:


Enough talk, here are some pics of the finished model......




Underside showing the two staggered jet exhausts.




Top view - note the excellent clear canopy and the neat panel detail.






Open airbrakes are included.






The only thing I replaced was the cannon barrels - from thin metal tubing.




Looking like a basking shark....



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Side view showing the single NR-37 cannon on the port side....




....with twin cannons to starboard.




Rear end showing the two jet exhausts and open airbrakes.




The rivals - the Lavochkin La-200 (from Avis - left) and MiG I-320 (from Modelsvit - right).




Same engines, same crew layout, same radar, same armament.






Another addition to the growing range of Soviet/Russian jets - thanks Modelsvit :worthy:



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One thing I forgot to mention is that inside the front fuselage is a fully detailed Klimov VK-1 tubojet engine.


Made up from thirteen parts it can be made into a model in its own right - as it cannot be seen once installed inside the I-320 fuselage...




With a bit of super-detailing and an engine stand, it would make a nice diorama model on its own - it could also double as the Rolls Royce Nene from which it derives.


It could be displayed next to a Supermarine Attacker, Hawker Seahawk, Grumman F9F Pamther or MiG-15.


How about it Modelsvit? - release it as a kit on its own - complete with engine stand.



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