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Raffle Prizes

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I did the raffle winners today. We have 9 participants who completed builds and 9 prizes. There have been, however, a number of people who stated they do not want to be in the raffle.


So..I have  randomly drawn ALL the names of complete builds AND, separately, all the names of participants who did not finish a build. If we have prizes left over after all the complete builds list, then the non complete build list will have a shot.


The first drawn gets first pick, second drawn second pick, etc, etc. I will message you via PM when it is your turn with a list of prizes left.


The Completed Participants:

Grandboof Contacted

Trojan Thunder

Ax 365


Grey Ghost 531


Colin K 


Canada Moe




Corsiar Man Contacted





 The prize list:


1/72 Belcher Bits #BD17: RCN Seafire, Sea Fury, Firefly & Tracker: donated by Grey Ghost 531 

1/72 Flight Colours Grumman tracker in early Canadian service: Donated by The Hobby Center, Ottawa, Ontario


172 Flight Colors Sabre Mk5/6 Golden Hawk decals SWbailey 

1/72 Leading Edge decals CF-18 standard markings  Canada Moe

1/72 Flight Colours CH-124 Sea King in modern Canadian Forces service Alf18 

1/72 Leading Edge decals T-33 in CF-18 2-tone scheme Colin K

1/48 Caracal C-45 part 2 decals (includes RCAF, JMSDF, RAF and Air American schemes)Dnl42

1/72 Belcher Bits CF-101 Voodoo decals Trojan Thunder

1/144 A Model DHC-5 Buffalo Phantom

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New items have been added to the list.


 Thank you to Gray Ghost 531 for donated a decal sheet


 And the Hobby Center here in my home town, and Nations Capital, Ottawa, graciously donated three decals sheets. A huge thank you goes out to them and please stop by if you are ever in the area (I dont work for them, they are just a great store)



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raffle list drawn and posted in the first post. I will pm you when it is your turn to pick with a list of the prizes available.


 I will give you a reasonable time to reply (a day or two) and then I will move on. You can still pick a prize, but you will lose your spot in line.



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My prize arrived today, thanks very much!!

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