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What the Deuce? Encore 1/48 F-102

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I just finished this Encore/Monogram 1/48 F-102 Delta Dagger.  I started it way back in 2014, but I shelved it while working on my U.S.S. Enterprise Refit. I picked it up again last October, and boy am I glad to be done with it. The fit was poor, and there were nasty seams to be filled on the underside of the wing and the starboard side of the vertical stabilizer. There were also some rough molding artifacts where Encore had grafted the Case XX wingtips onto the molds resulting in ridges that had to be sanded and pits that had to be filled.  Some of the Encore "enhancements" & details seemed redundant or gratuitous to me, so I omitted them for the sake of simplicity. Overall, this kit was more complicated than some of the short-run kits I've built.


I rescribed all the panels lines, drilled out the opaque formation lights on the wings and fuselage, and filled them clear styrene. I replace the kit pitot tube with a turned-brass tube from Master Model. I also added landing & taxi lights to the gear doors using MV lenses. The decals are a mix from the kit and SuperScale, and they represent an aircraft from the 57th FIS, Keflavik, Iceland, ca. 1970. The paints are from Testor's Model Master and Alclad. Thanks to the ever-diminishing selection and ever-decreasing quality this is probably the last time I use the Model Master paints.



35619492086_e7156cc217_o.jpgIMG_7349 by Marshall Blythe, on Flickr

35619492806_3e25796d6e_o.jpgIMG_7352 by Marshall Blythe, on Flickr

35619493116_22aede699b_o.jpgIMG_7355 by Marshall Blythe, on Flickr

35619493576_6e6ed8ed5f_o.jpgIMG_7359 by Marshall Blythe, on Flickr

35619491396_2863c63249_o.jpgIMG_7315 by Marshall Blythe, on Flickr

35528761651_b49f58ee4a_o.jpgIMG_7326 by Marshall Blythe, on Flickr

35619494036_efe2a1f38b_o.jpgIMG_7365 by Marshall Blythe, on Flickr

35619494496_abeb4fc8ae_o.jpgIMG_7369 by Marshall Blythe, on Flickr

35528763441_d63c8a9c46_o.jpgIMG_7370 by Marshall Blythe, on Flickr

35528763971_fd45ecf1ce_o.jpgIMG_7374 by Marshall Blythe, on Flickr

35619496376_e7909cf213_o.jpgIMG_7378 by Marshall Blythe, on Flickr

35528764921_e97c529f90_o.jpgIMG_7381 by Marshall Blythe, on Flickr

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