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Trojan Thunder

Italeri 1/72 CH-149 Cormorant

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On 1/23/2019 at 5:47 PM, vet666 said:

Wish I knew the exact fs number but they are a flat green and fairly dark, I was at Yeovil where they assemble them and Merlins seem to have the same colour blades, probably why the Cormorant got green ones instead of black.  Do a google search " CH 149 Cormorant rotor blade and go to images you will see a bunch that show the green blades.  Funny thing is the toy like die cast collector models have black blades.  Way back in the early 2000s near the start of Cormorant in active service we had bad troubles with the tail rotors half hub developing cracks and had to take blades off every 25 flying hours got quite familiar with green blades then...lol.  The tail rotor now is not a dual teetering design but a modified Lynx main rotor head modified for installation on a Cormorant tail.  Shows how big this machine is that a Lynx main head can be a tail rotor on the Cormorant.  So if you are building a Cormorant from the last few years the kit tail rotor will be wrong.


Thanks again, I looked at a lot of CH149 images during the build so I could correct some of the Italeri kit's fictitious features and did not notice the blade colour at all!


I have a couple more Merlins to build so I will keep this in mind for both of them.

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