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Su-27IB - Converting the Italeri Su-34 in 1/72 scale

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As I am building the latest iteration of the Sukhoi Su-34 - I thought I'd have a go at the earliest version - the T-10V1 Su-27IB.


I originally thought of just grafting the original Su-27 tailboom onto the Italeri Su-34 kit - but the biggest problem I faced was filling in the mainwheel wells - they are huge on the Su-34 and cut into the intake sides - the whole area is totally different between the Su-27IB and production Su-34.


So I have adopted the method that Sukhoi used - grafting the new side-by-side cockpit section front fuselage onto the rear of a tandem two-seat Su-27UB trainer......


Here's what I mean - the Italeri Su-34 is on the left, the Heller Su-27UB on the right - the blue tape shows where I am making the cuts....




Underside view showing the major difference in the main landing gear wells.....




The Italeri Su-34 front end grafted onto the Heller Su-27UB rear end - note the discrepancy in the shape of the spines - fixable with generous applications of Milliput (I hope):pray:




Undersides .......




Now all I have to do is graft the Italeri wings onto the Heller fuselage (the Italeri wings are better), fix the intakes (the scallop for the well on the Heller intake is now correct for the Su-27IB - but the intake lower edges are too 'square' and lack the slot in the bottom).......


More later..







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A little progress........


After looking at many of the available photos, it appears that the 'scalloped' cutout in the intake sides for the main wheels is different on the Su-27IB - it is more angular - with a corresponding rectangular flat plate added to the door.


(I did read in one source that the Su-27IB has a 'longer' main undercarriage leg - but cannot find any proof - maybe the altered cutout is to accomodate this??)


I've tried to reproduce the cutout by filing the bottom edge of the semi-circle to a more flat bottomed shape......the alteration is shown in the middle of the photo....




I've also scribed in the two auxiliary intake doors on the inner face of the intake wall - as fitted to the Su-27IB/Su-34.


The Italeri wings are attached - I needed to reduce the size of the underwing stubs on the Heller part to fit into the recess in the Italeri wings.


I also neede to reduce the height of the Heller mainwheel walls to get the Italeri wing to sit flush on top.... a bit of 'fettling'




A smear of Milliput should soon sort things out...... :whistle:




Underside view showing the cut-down Heller wing stubs.


The Su-27IB/Su-34 intakes also have a more rounded bottom surface - with a fixed slot rather than the spring-loaded louvres of the Su-27UB.


I'm trying to fake the rounded shape with filler - but it's still a work in progress......




More later...





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The port intake is fitted......




Milliput and White stuff used on the spine and upper joints.....




..... and the undersides....




After a long session of sanding - the top looks like this....




... and the underside...




A first primer coat reveals that more work is needed to hide the joins....




...... and the bottom of the intakes are too flat...




More filling and sanding need...:bandhead2:



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A bit of progress....


Su-27IB (left) compared to the Trumpeter production Su-34 - note the prominent straight-edged addition to the LERX on the Su-34.....




Nose shape compared to modified Trumpeter Su-34 nose....




Tailboom comparison - Su-27IB left.




Top view - Su-27IB left......




Underside view - the Su-27IB intakes are a tad narrow - having been taken from the Heller Su-27UB kit....




Fins compared - the Su-27IB fin (left) is taller - having been derived from the two-seat Su-27UB trainer.
The production Su-34 reverted to using the single-seat Su-27 style fin. Note that the Italeri Su-34 kit has the wrong style fins for a production Su-34!




Note the neat way that Trumpeter have cleverly avoided the nasty join on the Heller (and others) kits - it still needs rubbing down on my model.



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Resurrected from the shelf of doom........




White areas sprayed and masked - along with the canopy. Note the panel lines on the radome filled in - the Su-27IB had a dummy metal radome.




Final primer coat prior to painting.




Comparison pic - prototype Su-27IB at left, latest production Su-34 (Trumpeter kit) at right.




Spot the difference(s)........



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