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I built a Hasegawa Hornet several years ago and remember it being a fun build that went together with few problems.  I had a Hobbyboss A model, another Hasegawa D model and the new Kinetic C model in the stash so I decided to get them all done.  I had the Afterburner decals for VFA-87 War Party that I used on the 1st Hasegawa and there were plenty left over so I used them on the Hobbyboss Kit to build an A+.  I am not up to date on my Hornet specifics so I relied on the Hobbyboss instructions for the build.  Obviously that was a mistake.    There were some antennas that got put on the kit that I later found out don't belong on an A+ model.  I'm sure you Hornet fans will pick those out.  Other than that the kit goes together easy enough and has nice surface detail that some might find a little exaggerated.  The one thing that stands out to me and it may be builder error is the main landing gear wheels stand too wide when compared to the other kits.  The tires almost touch the inboard wing tanks.  I did a panel line wash with diluted oil paint, and over painted some areas to give the impression of touch up painting that goes on during a long cruise. Models Master enamels were used for the painting.


The Hasegawa D kit got a little more attention to detail.  I got the Wolfpack update kit to supplement the kit.  I also installed seamless intakes from Sierra Hotel Models.  All those parts were excellent.  The markings were from MAW Decals, MAW Hornets Part II and they were excellent too.  I tried a new product for me that I like on this kit.  Tamiya Panel Line Accent.  I put this on over a lacquer gloss coat.  It flows nicely and wipes of cleanly with turpenoid.  Same touch up painting and Model Master paints like the Hobbyboss kit. 


The Kinetic kit was built out of the box with the kit decals.  Again VFA-87.  I like the surface detail of the Hasegawa and Hobbyboss kits more than the Kinetic but the Kinetic kit does have more build options for wing folds, if you like to do that. The wing trailing flaps also seem to be a bit more secure when assembled.  The kit decals are from FighterTown decals and they were excellent.  I kept this one pretty clean since is the CAG plane.  Just the panel accents.  Same Model Master paints. 


Enough words here are some pictures.


Hobbyboss F/A-18A+ VFA-87 Golden Warriors




Hasegawa F/A-18D VMFA-121 Green Knights




Kinetic F/A-18C VFA-87 Golden Warriors



Family Photo






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