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Fujimi's ancient Chi-Ha Out of Box

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It’s not only in cars and planes that I have a love for the weird and wonderful; I also like to get kits of oddball armoured subjects! While there’s nothing wrong with Shermans and Panthers, it’s nice to have a few less common  vehicles to compare them too. Thankfully, when it comes to 1/76 armour, both Matchbox and Fujimi seem to have covered a lot of the bases!


A perfect example of this is the 1/76 Fujimi Type 97-Kai “Chi-Ha”. This was one of Japan’s “heavier” tanks of the war, and it makes an interesting, if not anemic, counterpoint to its much more powerful contemporaries. I managed to pick this little old gem up at a model show, so I didn’t even have to pay much for it!


Check out the kit out of box at the link below. Even if it’s not your thing, you’ll have to admit it looks pretty good for its age and size!






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4 minutes ago, Faust said:

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. 


Okay, but who's the daddy?


"I am, of course, a sucker for any Matchbox armour "

My "braille scale" armor modeling, and gaming, days are over; during those decades I too enjoyed Matchbox's kits. On the sprue they sometimes looked crude and clunky yet looked not one bit that way when finished. They had some interesting crew figures too, quite nicely and crisply done for the time, even for now.
I enjoyed the little diorama settings they came with. Both as themselves and as miniatures game scenery bits.

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When it comes to something like this little zit, does anyone even want to own up to it? :)


While I can still build them, I really enjoy the small tanks. They take up very little space, are fast to build, and look more than decent when done. I also get to improve my groundwork skills on the Matchbox diorama bases, so it's win all the way around!

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