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Trumpeter SU-9 1/48

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Hi, this is a project that has already been completed,but I use photos to record some steps and hope to share it with me, I am from China, where the first post here, I don't know if it meets the rules, don't know if Can see my photos, so test, you can see, please tell me, thank you.
This is Trumpeter in the mid-2015 production of the kit, which may be the first SU-9 in the history of the 1/48 injection scale model.The contents of the kit look a bit disappointing, simplifying the cockpit, as well as other details, simple and wrong exhaust nozzle, landing gear and wheel bay. Fortunately, the fit is very good.



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I like the full rivets of the aircraft, so at first I made the rivets out




From left to right are:1. The original wing of the kit    2. Make the rivet and spray the primer    3. Make the rivet without spraying the primer    4. Same as 2




Rivet is first made with a rivet wheel and then deepened with a needle,additional reinforcement skin, at the top.

The protrusions on both sides of the tail support are too small, remove it,remake.





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7 minutes ago, modelmax said:



Off to a great start!


will follow your build!


Are you using any aftermarket to correct kit issues?






When I made it, RedStar's resin remodel was not available in China, so I could only do it myself.:crying:

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According to my study found that different periods of SU-9 in the details of some minor changes.In fact, in addition to the su-9U interception / trainer, the single-seat model su-9 is divided into early, medium and late production.
The most obvious detail feature is the "wing in front of the root" on both sides.
As the su-9 early and mid-term production continued T-3 the beginning of the design——left and right wing root installed two NR-30 30mm gun,so the "wing in front of the root" keep the hole in the gun and covered the round skin,and  keep the body corresponding to the location of the burn-resistant skin.
The number and location of the venting air intakes on the fuselage are also different, refer to the SU-9 for different periods in the picture below.



From top to bottom respectively, early, medium and late production su-9




Early, mid-term produce su-9




Late produce su-9



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I made a template,used to re-create the line here.



The details of the all-moving tailplane of the trumpeter are wrong
In fact, the su-9 all-moving tailplane is exactly the same, rather than symmetrical,
So the  all-moving tailplane upper left corresponds to the lower right,and  lower left corresponds to the upper right.



Static discharger

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Ok that is just some faboulous work especially on the rivets. You must be a patient man with some serious skills with a riveter :worship:


Looking forward to more of your posts. Even though I have no real interest in this aircraft, as it is only in one scheme, I do appreciate your work. Plus you can always learn something from other modellers.

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Thanks for the encouragement,I usually work very busy,so the update is slower, sorry...



These are the exhaust nozzle parts provided in the kit,it is wrong,so I try to make it again.



First make the inner ripple board,


RedStar resin parts of the nozzle details are good, but the ripple density is not right, and I can't buy,so give up RedStar resin part.




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I cut a piece of aluminum skin,make it flat and polished smooth.



Fold along the line



In order to make ripples, I used a styrene sheet and a copper bar to make a simple aids



The finished ripple board, and the poor test pieces above.




Additional rivet details.




Stack them up



Place it in the exhaust nozzle


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At first, I tried to make a nozzle with a thin styrene sheet, but the above sliding structure made me very difficult.



Is this pile of things......:angry:



I tried to make one, but the lack of  Casting  conditions, to make a lot of it is a very difficult thing:angry::angry:



But I can make PE,haha...




So the nozzle was made with PE.






The problem of the exhaust nozzle is solved




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I've enjoyed a lot by watching and learning from the whole building in a forum of our country.Right now what i wanna say is,it's only just beginning.

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