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engraving resin part & sanding resin parts

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Getting back into modeling and mentioned I'm going for zombie/apocalypse dioramas. Want to make my dioramas as real as possible and via Googling for images and just plain looking around, there's all sorts of stuff that needs to be built to add realism such as gas pumps, tool chests, lockers, book cases, cabinets, etc. None of course, are available in 1/35th scale. Didn't want to scratch build 6 gas pumps for example, so been making a variety of different sized styrene boxes, then making a mold of them for quick additional resin copies. Plan on using styrene strips to add detail where needed, but what about one of those big Snap On tool chests where the drawers are flush? How do I engrave an outline to simulate them? Or simulate boards on a china cabinet? Think a Dremel even on low speed would have me skipping all over the casting and of course, don't think there's a really tiny engraving/cutting tool for this kind of thing. Would an engraver work with the piece in a small vise and a metal ruler clamped to the resin piece so I don't skip all over the place? Or am I over engineering this?


I have 2 different bottles of 2 part resin, one by Micro Mark that's 10+ years old, the other is Aluminite bought earlier this year. I get a lot of bubbles from Micro Marks stuff, but don't know why as I mix/pour it the same as Aluminite's. It also rise above the mold every time except when I don't completely fill the mold with resin. Then of course, it doesn't rise to the top of the mold, but remains at the level I poured it at. Thinking of getting a cheap palm sander (Harbor Freight) with some fine wet/dry sandpaper to sand these Micro Mark parts. Good or bad idea? Will try using a new #11 Xacto blade. Thanks in advance for any help & tips given.

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