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I have a few kits for sale. All are still sealed in their bags. A couple are factory shrink wrapped. 
As is, buyer pay shipping from 13790. Paypal preferred.


Tamiya Mosquito FB mkVI/NF mk1 includes spares from another build.      $10
Hasegawa RF-4C                                    $20
Hasegawa F-14A VF-41 (new mold)                   $20
Aries F-14A exhaust (open exhaust)                $10
Aries F-14A Cockpit                               $10 
F-14 package combine one of the kits and the resin sets for $35


Hobby Boss F4u-5n early             $25
Fujimi Me-109 G-10/R2 recon         $15
Hasegawa Me-109 G-10                $15 
Hasegawa J2M3 Raiden                $20
Hasegawa F-14A+                     $35
Hasegawa F-14D VF-213 last cruise   $50 

1/72 Sci Fi

Fine Molds Jango Fett Slave 1          $80


35959898740_acd00ff14c_b.jpg20170803_164009 by James Bryan, on Flickr

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Just now, jbryan911 said:

I'm really not looking for much kit wise, except for maybe a Zoukie F-4J.  I've been mostly hunting for decals for some of my planned builds.  


I may or may not have a Zoukei F-4J ;) 

What decals are you after? 

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1 hour ago, jbryan911 said:

FCM decals 1/48 VF-111 sheets, part 1 and 2.  I've got pieces of 160690 from the Tomcat Sunset, and found a picture of her in the TPS scheme with a gull grey nose.   

OK Those I do not have haha. :P 

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