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Academy Minicraft B-29A Enola Gay

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Hi all, brand new user here and at 60 years old and forced retirement around the corner, I want to get back in the hobby.


I got the Academy Minicraft B-29A Enola Gay and I am utterly confused by the paint numbers on the instruction sheet.  

I have looked at some of the paint conversion web sites but without much help.. 


Can someone guide me in the right direction on coverting paint numbers to Tamiya or other well known paint manufacturers?


Thank you very much.. 

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Hi there and welcome aboard Daj!


I am unsure which paints are in the Academy instructions, but this here website is a good resource to convert paints: http://www.paint4models.com/ 


Just go ahead and launch the chart. It will convert the paint numbers from the jars, or the FS (Federal Standards) numbers from the list of required paints for your model.


I'd be fairly certain you'll need Zinch Chromate Yellow, Interior green, Leather and Aluminum for the Enola Gay, and Likely black for tires and some Grey and silver for the engines.


Anyway, try to use the link I included and hopefully that will help!



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Thank you Winnie,


I did look at the web site you provided and I guess personal preferences will play a major role in the painting of this model, or in depth web research to have the color scheme as accurate as possible.  


In any event, 100% accuracy is definitely not what I am looking for, somewhat accurate is more of my liking..


Thank you again



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Hi Daj and welcome to ARC and welcome back to the hobby!


I don't have the Academy kit myself but here is a site that is quite good for color shots of the actual Enola Gay, including great interior shots:




You can use the photos in the link above to help with choosing colors.


There really is no "one size fits all" for interior colors of U.S. aircraft. Interior green itself could differ from aircraft to aircraft and even within the same aircraft you could have a slightly different green in the cockpit from the green in the tail gunners or waist gunners area.  Tamiya doesn't make an "interior green" but you could start with XF-4 and darken it to your liking...and then use the straight unaltered XF-4 to add highlights later. There was also an emerald type green/bronze green shown in the photos (perhaps Tamiya XF-5 would be a good start either straight up or lighten or darken to your liking). For the wood areas XF-68 NATO Brown might be a good start and you can lighten or darken to your liking here as well or choose a wood color that you like better from Tamiya's line  For the aluminum interior color just choose whichever paint type/color you like (Tamiya XF-16?). For the blacks Tamiya XF-1 and an XF-69 NATO black for a touch of shade variation here and there. It doesn't hurt to pick up a few generic Tamiya colors like yellow, red, blue, white, tan (I prefer flat colors myself) to add color to switches, knobs, buttons, instruments etc.


But don't get overly bogged down or stressed about the interior colors. You won't see a whole lot when the fuselage gets all buttoned up in 1/72 anyway. The biggest thing is have fun and enjoy!


Hope this was of some help.


Good luck and ENJOY!



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Every kit should have a paint number/paint color callout right at the beginning of the instructions. Then you can see what color is called for in whatever notations they are using and it will tell you what the color is. Something like a-7...medium gray,  b12...black,  m-8..zinc chromate etc. At least you will be in the general ball park of color.



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Habu2 (and all)


You guys are simply amazing.. taking the time to answer newbie questions like this.. 


I am sure I joined the right forum!!


Thank you very much Habu2 for the information and the time you took to gather it.. It will help me greatly!



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