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Hopefully it will hold up.  I used my Google Photo account


I used some information in this post to help me 


There was some messages on the 2nd page that helped (I think).  Here is the relevant part.  I know you are on Mac so may have to do it a little differently to get the URL.


If you installed the Chrome extension I linked, make sure you have the picture in a Shared Album (that's the key - thanks dnl42). In that Shared Album, click on the selected picture to expand it, and then click again - you'll get a message at the bottom that says "Image URL copied to clipboard!". Then just go to ARC and paste into your draft post. Double click twice on the photo (while still in composition window), and you'll have option to resize by pixels.That's how I did the photos two posts above. 


I have been told it may get funcky after a few days so I am going to check out this site




Recommended in another post i was reading 

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Firefox Picture test




I used Firefox for this one.  Assuming it works here is how i did it


1. Make sure image in in a shared album

2. Open image

3. Right click and choose "copy image location"

4. Go to your ARC post and paste the link

5. Double click on the image to re-size (if you want)

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