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Sea Cobra kit question

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I am looking to build an AH-1T that I had worked on at VX-5 in China Lake a long time ago in something other than 1/72. I found some on ebay by MRC. Does anyone know the quality of these kits? How easy would it be to convet the nose to one without the camera(?) above the gun? We didn't have that yet in 1979/80.



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For 1/48 you would have to purchase both a T and a J by Italeri and Fujimi, respectively, in order to build an early pre-TOW T. The Fujimi AH-1J can still be found around eBay but like the T it won't be cheap for an older kit.

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I built the Italeri 1/48 AH-1T some time ago and used a  copy of the Fujimi AH-1J nose to make a slick T. The Fujimi nose is a little too shark nosed to my eye, but I could be wrong.


I just saw both kits at a swap meet a month or so ago, so they are around.



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