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On 2017年9月11日 at 8:59 AM, joeltc said:

Since I am currently working on the Kinetic kit I have another suggestion. The locating pins inside of the fuselage halves are way to small and weak. I managed to glue the halves together but nothing on the inside and especially at the front lined up. And in the process most of the locating pins snapped off. So badly that when I glued the nose cone on It left steps around most of the join line. Even though I did some careful trimming and bracing of the upper fuselage I still managed to get an unsightly step. If you could create some beefier locating taps that wound be great. Now I have one of those god awful filling/sanding and scribing marathons that end up going on for weeks on end. This may have been a mistake on my part but some much sturdier tooling may have prevented this much like how the Tamiya F-14 was tooled. Thanks.



Hello Joel

      The fuselage locating pin has been strengthened.
If necessary, Can you indicate where to add the locating pin?



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On ‎2017‎年‎9‎月‎15‎日 at 5:04 PM, galfa said:

Would you ever give a finally accurate Su-27 in 1:48 scale ?

I think the new kit more beter then now you can buy must be quick you can get it~

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