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Minibase Su-33 1/48

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I admit that I wrote this kit of prematurely. Now that does look amazing! Hat off to Super Tomcat21 for the great work so far.


Some information he posted in a Chinese forum:

They are very satisfied with the tooling/test sprues, particularly with the precision, sharpness and the smooth surface finish(as we can see from the photos too). Basically their CAD design has been nicely transferred into the moulds.


Their No.1 design goal to the replicate the real thing as faithful as possible, so the ease of construction has to be sacrificed in same cases. They think a faithful replicate shall attract/interest builders more and also provide the builder more knowledge about the real thing.


They are still working to get rid of the blemishes they  see(unlike an other long waited kit I have to say) and hopefully it will be a hit. It will be released under a new brand name, not AA.


Seems like he is perfectionist. Anyway, I really like his approach and will buy a few when the kit comes out. But I'm afraid it will be difficult, for a new company to sustain, if it takes 5 years to develop a new product/kit, and that is not a F-14 or something.

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11 minutes ago, Solo said:

I have just made few comparioson pictures, Aviation Art vs. Kinetic. Well, there are some differencies… 🙂








Thanks! I thought that the Kinetic kit has already smooth surface finish and very detailed...  That looks like a brand new design! Here you can certainly see that the years of delay is not for nothing.

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4 hours ago, Nino_Belov said:

Yes as I sad, before, just there was needed more time, because this details etc...need time to be made.

I am very happy because there is also SVP-24-33, so this model can be presented as it looks from Syrian campaign.


What we need to see next is ,their proposal of painting schemes. 🙂 Cant wait to get my hands on this model kit.

Hello Nino , do you remember this .....


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  On 7/21/2018 at 11:33 PM, Nino_Belov said:

Dear friend,

That is last model kit I wait to complete my collection...belive me.This hobby is my only escape from this chaos in the world and my only peace.It is my favorite aircraft ever and I feel like I am geting first date. 🙂 You know that feel when you wait something that you wanted forever.


All the best. 🙂


Well, I can understand that. There is still something positive. The longer you wait for it , the bigger your joice when you receive it !.


Anyway, Hope it won't last too long.…. too much joy can kill also !


Madcop :rolleyes:

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5 minutes ago, Nino_Belov said:

According to this video:


It seems that they have solved this problem...But there is need to be very patient in watching this short video,and pause it when it cames to that point of view.But this is just my thoughts...anyone else... 🤔


I ran the video paused using the slider to move through it and could not see deep enough into the intake to determine if the changed the bulge. You can see the bulge from the outside and it looks about as big as that on the Kinetic kit. There just isn't enough light to see that area on the inside. I will say that the bulge, however large it is on the inside, certainly doesn't jump out at you in the video, you can't see it all, as I mentioned. Whether that is because it is much smaller now I just can't tell.

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36 minutes ago, PouK9 said:

Another Su-33, when we don't have a good model of MiG-23 (for example)? Okay, but I'll skip it.


This is true! Since Zvezda has opened their line of modern Russian fighters and helicopters in 1:48, they are a likely candidate (among others) for replacing the Trumpeter kits. 

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28 minutes ago, falcon91352 said:


This is true! Since Zvezda has opened their line of modern Russian fighters and helicopters in 1:48, they are a likely candidate (among others) for replacing the Trumpeter kits. 

It would be nice to see!!!

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Cool, but a subject that doesn’t do much for me. I built the Kinetic kit, thought it was nice enough, but with only one scheme to choose from probably not going to buy another. Too bad it’s not a Su-25, I would have loaded up on them

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One of the main problem with the Kinetic kit was that the cockpit bathtub was too shallow  due to the representation of the front landing gear housing.. Have we got any information whether this ( these ) problem(s) has or have been solved with this new model ? 



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