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A-7E Corsair II - Hasegawa 1/48 (Twin build - Completed)

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Started weathering Corsair No. 2.   Did the bare metal area near the stabilizer pivot.





You probably notice that discolored area along the exhaust.    That's because disaster struck and Corsair No. 2 fell off the table tail first.  A large piece broke off the exhaust opening and couldn't find it.   I had to repair it with some 2-part putty.  Oh well : (







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Drilled holes for the pylons and test-fitted.   Did away with the magnets on the ordnance as they kept dropping.  I used to be a bit heavy-handed on the panel lines thus the darker lines on the pylons.













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Aigore, Steve, thanks! : ) Hi Jonathan, yeah, the contrast looks cool.  Falconxlvi, yes aligning them was a real exercise in patience.  Frustrating, too, was having to re-glue already done parts that break off at the slightest touch.  I'll be trying out David Aungst's method of using some wire --- hopefully that will make the task more palatable and make everything sturdier.

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There aren't any decals for the blue colored tip of the tail so I had to paint it on.  Did it in layers -- first the black,  then masked with a thin strip, and lastly the blue.   













One problem I have right now are the "301" modex numbers the nose.  The ones on the tail and wings were easier to do as they were plain white or black lettering and the "1" was easier to cut using some white or black decals.   The blue modex lettering on the nose is kind of tricky as it has that shadow.  I was thinking of painting it on but that will require some masking and I don't want to risk lifting the decals that are already on there.  

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Beautiful work there, mate 😄

I think painting is the way to go...and I think you can protect the decals in place by covering them. Take a piece of plastic foil, you know the thing you wrap food with, cut out a square big enough for the number mask and cover the decals around. Then just go ahead and paint. 😄

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Hi Tracy, thanks!  Really envious of your line of work : )


Thanks, Aigore : )   I was gonna try as you suggested but while staring at the decal sheet I saw another option that worked pretty well : ) 







Tried my best to create a groove on the edges of the missile launch rails as I'll be gluing them on empty without the Sidewinders.  



Also started working on the mounts.  Bent some flatbars and spokes to shape.



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Worked on the little stuff:







Will have to sand down that messed up area.



I readied the ejector racks and noticed one of the swaybars missing : (      I lost the couple extra ones from the Intruder kit already so I had to cobble up a swaybar with some bits of styrene.



That should do the trick.



Attached the bombs onto the ejector racks using some wire.  The bombs have to have that "+X+" alignment when viewed from the rear. The location of the swaybars on the Intruder racks doesn't allow for this if you use the original gluing points on the side-mounted bombs.  The bombs have to be turned slightly on their axis which was a real tricky affair.   Some of them ended up wonky but I just gave up.







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