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A-7E Corsair II - Hasegawa 1/48 (Twin build - Completed)

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Hey John, thanks!  : )


Here are some final shots.....




















Mounting 305 onto 301's spot just so I could take pictures of the underside.  The spikes don't have the same spacing so they don't go in all the way.  Next time I'll make all

 spike spacing standard so positions can be interchangeable.     For 305, I used Hasegawa MERs and bombs and the bomb spacing is tighter compared to 301's intruder MERs with swaybraces that are a little to big (?).









305 back to it's spot with 301 breaking away.   I had to space the mounts farther apart this time : )


I still have to experiment on printing my own decals for the crew names (decal set didn't have them) so that might take a while.   For now off these Corsairs go to the Display Case section.  Thanks to all who stopped by to give words of encouragement or just to have a peek every now and then.   I had a fun time (and not so fun times) building these but I learned a lot, that's for sure.    Hopefully I could build better SLUFs next time!  : )   I bugged a lot of members like Fighting Eighty Four, chuck540z3, cema_ga, Aigore and Eric B. for weathering pointers (thanks for your assistance and patience, fellas!) and realized their works are just hard to replicate without a lot of practice and that I still have a lot to learn.  I did spend extra long hours staring at pics of their work : )   

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