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My Ultimate General Lee -DONE- (1/25)

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Cliche though it is, I wanted to make this build special. This represents a few years of on-and-off work. And, I have my own philosophy on building a GL which differs from so many other builds I've seen.

Though I posted this in the build thread, I think it's appropriate to begin with it here as well:



My main criticism of most GL builds is that they are 'way too immaculate to be an in-use back-roads racing car driven by good-ol-boys on a farm. They always look...well, sterilized comes to mind. Absolutely gorgeous, like they're going for the trophy at a car show, with a car that's never driven except on and off a trailer. Not this one!!

-Interior: Agree with many that the darker brown "saddle" color of the earlier series looks better, but a darker interior will hide most great detail. So, cliche though it is, I went with the light tan. HOWEVER I weathered it plenty, with very stained floor carpeting, and some wear on the seats. Scratchbuilt items are a CB radio and a detailed, padded-looking roll bar with tape around the padding.

-Engine Bay: Despite most builds painting the engine bay interior orange, indicating a total engine-out restoration, the actual "Hero" Generals had their engine bays hastily painted black around the engine. This would also fit with the storyline of the original color being black. 

Additionally, I sanded out all the molded on wiring and scratchbuilt the entire engine wiring and detail. When you see these photos you may be shocked. I know I am....not eager to do this again, although it was worth it!!

*Also note the scratch built "Dixie Horn" system mounted on the front of the radiator :rolleyes: 

-Underside: Dark primer gray with orange overspray indicating a home-done paint job. Lots wear and some general rusting, with a ton of dust and dirt oversprayed. 

So much more involved in this build, but those are some of the basic philosophies I followed on this.



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