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Looking for canopy masks for Monogram F-4C

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I am not aware of any. I looked to see what I could find and came up with nothing. Theoretically one for another kit should work, but as we know there are subtle shape differences between kits.  


The Phantom is really a tricky one to mask, especially with those little windows in the middle part.   You can use frisket paper for the windscreen part, and strips of tape around the edges of the canopy parts, and fill in the middle with frisket paper, or the tape of your choice.


Here is what I did with my 1/32 F-4G, it is bigger but the same Idea works on the 1/48th. It is the only thing I have a picture of easily accessible





Good luck. And yes, it is frustrating when the kit you are building is thin on aftermarket support, but the same subject by a different manufacturer is well covered. 


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EZ Masks from Canada has a set for Hasegawa 1/48 F-4 Phantoms & Testors / Italeri F-4E & RF-4C/E. I have both sets. I plan on using the Hasegawa masks on my Monogram F-4C kits.  Haven't done it yet, so can't comment on absolute accuracy.

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Thanks for the tip Dutch.  I emailed Chris and he said he didn't have the Monogram but would add it to his to do list.  He said he thought that the Testors set would be close with a couple of cuts but he is out of town and can't confirm.  



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