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Dear fellow modelers: My question is, would it be possible to build a YaK-9M or YaK-9T with this kit?. I know the T has a different cannon, so one modification would be that, but my concern is about the canopy position. Was the DD canopy in the same place than the T , M or D?.

Thanks in advance.



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Hello Juan !

Yes, It's possible - just remove (fill) the panel lines of 4 fuel tanks (outboard and leading edge) access doors on the lower wing surface, and remove relative overwing fuel fill ports. The Modelsvit DD kit contains gun parts and spinner for T, spinner and engine exhausts for early M. Canopy/cockpit are located on the same position on DD, M and T, not on D, moreover DD, T and M fuselages were unitized on the real aircrafts. 

Brgds, Ivan.

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Here's a thread from the sovietwarplanes forum which might be of interest. Ivan has already provided the answers, but this thread has some useful images in it. There's also a link to a bit more discussion on Plane Talking.





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