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Here's where I am at the moment. 


 Radial engine was painted with Tamiya NATO black, then was coated with Mr Color Dark Iron, once dried was lightly buffed then the recesses accented with a black pin wash.



and the back, exhaust stacks pickout with burnt Iron



Front office





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Here is the latest update on this build.


I have been plugging away slowly with this,  I been busy with work so my modeling time has been limited to bits here and there.


With the fuselage all buttoned up, a few areas had filler applied and sanded and reapplied and primed..  and repeat the action



With this all done It was ready for paint,  black based with Tamiya NATO Black & painted wheel wells with Lifecolor interior Green.




I then installed the belly window, I think managed to crack it when i was installing it :bandhead2: .   applied liquid mask in the wells and started molting Tamiya Flat white, mixed a little with grey to add some colour variation, them applied a very thinned down layer of the white again to blend it in. and here is how it looks as of now.



Thanks for looking

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Decal progress has started.



plus the obligatory thumb print in front of the fuel tank sealing tape :doh: 





Here is where I am at now. 



As there are no 1/72 decals available for this particular F4u,  I will have paint the areas white, then make 1mm squares to form a checker pattern from tamiya tape. 



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Thanks guys.



VMF-115, Bu. 50007.



I use Lifecolor acrylics, for the blues, not a lot of people like them, but I've had no issues with them. It's just a matter of preference.

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Hi Spectre,


Not much as I have hoped for unfortunately. This stupid thing called work gets in the way.....  How inconsiderate of Pilots to break the aircraft that they Fly:whistle:.


So I have got the  it on its gear and have managed to get the white down to start the painstaking task of making the squares for the chequered markings. There won't be any modeling sone this weekend as I am about to attend a conference over the weekend.





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