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Revell 04783 Eurofighter EF-2000 Typhoon 1:32

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Friends of the german armed air forces,

Revell's Typhoon is a poor kit. Detail is low, fit bad, flash a lot (use it to fill gaps), but the worst is the missing of the intake trunking.


I started somewhere in June so i did not had time to use the gear, instead i built it in a flying position, using PJ RAF pilot, which is good. Other 3rd party stuff i used was the mask sheet from Eduard which fit perferctly.


I started with the engine enclosed with the kit because i needed to know where the intakes went.


Then made my own intakes from 22mm copper tube and the fans from resin.


Before placing the tubes i added different magnetos to all weapons stations and pylons, since all stores should come exchangable.


The the intakes glued with a hot glue pistol ... also the gear doors which did not had an attachement.


Fit made a lot of filling and sanding and filling and sanding and f.....


In 1:32 i limit myself to JG74 'Mölders', so the Cyber Tiger was a must have ... i needed to do my own decals.


To hit the FS35237 at the corners was a real challenge and i failed a little. BTW the real thing had the same problem ... they needed to seal the real decal edges for peeling reasons.


The fuel tanks had been another challenge as a decal, the real ones had been painted.

The result is great. I have to admit that against all the work i had a lot of fun and i can recommend You the kit (although there is place for another kit in this scale, hopefully Hasegawa, HK, Italeri ...).

The model was finished on time 31.08.17 and was handed over the very next day to Norbert Müller who was involved in the real thing.

Don't know whether it's fate, but 30+29 was stripped down from its Cyber Tiger skin this Monday 4.9.2017!

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Hats off to that demanding work. Cutting off the copper pipes of your house heating system to detail the Tiffy is a courageous step as you may have a cold winter time indoors!? ;-)

Also good to see that you finally managed to post the WIP thread.


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