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LF Partial Sheet: Twobobs 72-049 F-14D VF-2 OIF Bounty Hunters

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Good Afternoon,


I'm looking to purchase a partial decal sheet from anybody that has used (or will use) a portion of the Twobobs 72-049 F-14D VF-2 OIF Bounty Hunters sheet: ** This sheet here! **


All I'm looking for is the aircraft specific markings for 104 or 106, i.e. Side numbers, BuNo, Mission Marks and crew names, nothing else.


I have the Hasegawa VF-2 Boxing and will be using it for all the squadron markings, but their low-vis option is somewhat lacking in the bomb tally mark realm.


I'm sure that there is somebody out there that built one of the Twobobs options, and has the others left over!


Thanks for looking!





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Oh well I wasn't aware of that as I replaced most of my Tomcat decals with four sets of DXM ones,in any case Model Kasten from Japan has them too and I had them for a while but for my AC projects those were a waste so I preferred to sold them back.


Check Hobby Search as from time to time they put them for sale,I can't really help you with Twobobs set as it's gone since ever and I didn't keep any duplicate :-\



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