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A-7E Hasegawa

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Man is this flawless... Drooling all over the pictures. The first and the last pics especially. I've come back multiple times. And in between went to 1999 co jp hasegawa A-7d and studied the instructions inside out (this has inspired me to attempt an Ohio ANG SEA A-7D). 

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1 hour ago, wardog said:

Very nice; I also would like to see some in-progress shots...especially your painting technique. Aside from that, excellent build!




I'm sorry, but this was a commission build that I tried to get off my workbench as fast as I could, so I didn't take any in-progress pic...

Anyway the weathering process I used is the same I applied on this F-104:




The only difference is that I used only black oil color; the oil stains on the panel lines were airbrushed with Gunze Smoke Gray and a 0.15mm airbrush...

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On 22/1/2018 at 4:32 PM, Tom said:

 Any advice on the fitting of the Aires cockpit and avionics bays? Any in-progress shots of those areas?


Unfortunately i didn't take any in-progress pictures, but I remember that both the cockpit and the avionic bays fit quite well to the fuselage; same thing for the gear wells...You just have to carefully remove the plastic parts (instrument panel eyelid, ejector pins, moulded-on avionic bays and gear wells).


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On 28/1/2018 at 10:47 AM, Red Dog said:

Very nice, May I ask what base colour you used? 

I'm struggling a bit with the Corsair TPS scheme. I always end up too blue and I think yours is spot on grey




I used Gunze colors,  that is Gunze H307 (FS 36320) over Gunze H308 (FS 36375). In order to achieve a barely visible demarcation line between the two colors, I added a few drops of H307 into a jar of H308 and a few drops of H308 into a jar of H307...


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I think this is a fantastic build!  If I had one item to nit-pick, it would be that the weapons pylons look too clean compared to the grime/filth portrayed on the rest of the aircraft.  I would expect them to be fairly dirty, given the OPTEMPO during Desert Storm.

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